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Ocean Highsleeper

Ocean Highsleeper

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Crafted with precision and finished in a tasteful white and woodgrain effect, the Ocean Highsleeper boasts a versatile design that maximises every inch of space. This highsleeper features a practical desk which provides a dedicated workspace for homework or creative endeavours, with three convenient pull-out storage drawers that prevent cluttering and keeps essential items within arms reach. The built-in shelving units are ideal for showcasing items or organising books, and the one-door wardrobe offers a discreet and space-efficient solution for clothes. The glow-in-the-dark steps are a perfect addition - not only do they add a playful touch, but they enhance visibility during the night for your younger ones. 

  • Features a desk, three pull-out storage drawers, a one-door wardrobe, and built-in shelving units
  • Ideal for kids and teenagers
  • Glow-in-the-dark stepped ladder
  • Finished in matt white with woodgrain accents

Overall Size: 196cm D x 98.5cm W x 178.5cm H

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